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Hidden Wonders

A hidden gem of St. George is Snow Canyon State Park. Located in Ivins ( a suburb of St. George), Snow Canyon is a beautiful place to enjoy a sunny afternoon. Inside the park there are sandoons that are perfect for ultimate frisbee or building a sand castle, fun hikes for all ages, and a nice biking trail that goes all the way through the canyon. At first glance you would think that Snow Canyon is a normal state park… which i suppose it is, but there are some crazy adventures to be had inside of this park. My favorite is Ultimate Senior Scootering. We came up with this crazy adventure my senior year of high school… hence the name “Senior” scootering. As i mentioned before, Snow Canyon has a bike trail that goes all the way through the canyon….. a bike trail that is perfect for razor scooters! On a night with a full moon, the snow canyon bike trail turns into the perfect luge track for scooters. Now this adventure works best while wearing good tennis shoes and a helmet, maybe some knee pads for first timers, and two vehicles (one to drive to the top and the other to leave at the bottom of the canyon so you don’t have to walk back up). The canyon is one big hill so you must start from the top. (Good brakes on your scooter always make this adventure a little less scary) Once you are at the top of the bike trail, start scootering! The full moon provides as much light as you need, just watch out for little rocks!


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