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Class Assignment

Audio (and video) is different from print and photography in that it is ____Linear_____, not spatial.

– “Drive, Daddy, Drive”  is a good example of being linear becuase the story takes place one event or description at a time. This causes the listener to really focus on what the narrator is saying without any distractions.

When you are recording “_____Wild Sound______,” you are essentially getting the audio equivalent of candid

– Wild sound was present in this piece, and it made you feel like you were in the car with these people traveling.

Silence = ______Reflection____

– In this piece the interviewer gave the man she was interviewing time to reflect and did not interupt his thoughts. By doing this she allowed the man to really take the time to tell his story. I think that becuase the interviewer kept quiet, we were able to hear the best/most detailed version of this story.

__Ambient______ sound is valuable for setting a scene when it’s interesting, and it’s useful for editing purposes even when it’s not.

– In “Drive, Daddy, Drive” there is a few seconds of ambient sound. I thought that this music-like sound helped the listener connect to what this man was saying. It helped the listener feel like they were in the car with him driving along an old road in the deep south.

A good script is well-written for the _ear______, not the__eye_____.

-This piece was well written in the sence that the listener did not feel as though they were listening to a script. You felt like you were simply listening to an old man tell his story.

The best way to learn to write is to __read_____ and the best way to learn audio is to listen.

– I thought that listening to “Drive, Daddy, Drive” really helped me understand what a good podcast sounds like. I hope that i can make my podcast sound as smooth and heartfelt as this one did.


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