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May the “Force” be With You

Adventure #1

St. George, simply put, is a golfing town. Often times golf courses are composed of many hills intertwined with sand traps and ponds. Now most people figure that the only thing you can do on a golf course is golf. WRONG! We have created a new sport for golf courses, we call it G-Forcing. Now G-Forcing is not a sport for your average Joe. People who G-force must have amazing strength and a stomach of steel. Now you’re probably asking yourself “what is G-forcing?” Let me explain. You must first find a large unused sewer tube about five feet in circumference and about six feet long. Roll the tube to the top of a decent sized hill at any local golf course or other location with a grassy hill and then hold the tube in place while 3-4 people get inside and brace themselves with their hands and feet. On the count of three (or which ever number you prefer) the people holding the G-Force tube then give the tube a big push and watch as the people roll down the hill. The G-forces will hold the riders in and provide a wild ride! G-forcing is an absolute thrill! But this is a sport that people love or hate. Lets face it, not everone is hardcore enough to G-Force!


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