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How To Do a Gainer

Let’s be honest… St. George is hot. The usual summer temperature in this part of Utah is about 110 degrees! The only way people keep from melting around here is by going swimming. If you’re lucky enough, you have access to a pool with a diving board, which brings you into a world of adventure! You can show off your flips and tricks to your friends, assuming you can do flips and tricks, and have fun all summer long! If you find yourself lacking these skills, just watch my video and I’ll teach you how to impress your friends!


The Hunt

Most people sleep in, mow the lawn, or watch college football on Saturday mornings, but not Sherry Laidlaw! Every Saturday morning Sherry embarks on a treasure hunt that we all know as garage selling.

Going Back in Time

Hidden Wonders

A hidden gem of St. George is Snow Canyon State Park. Located in Ivins ( a suburb of St. George), Snow Canyon is a beautiful place to enjoy a sunny afternoon. Inside the park there are sandoons that are perfect for ultimate frisbee or building a sand castle, fun hikes for all ages, and a nice biking trail that goes all the way through the canyon. At first glance you would think that Snow Canyon is a normal state park… which i suppose it is, but there are some crazy adventures to be had inside of this park. My favorite is Ultimate Senior Scootering. We came up with this crazy adventure my senior year of high school… hence the name “Senior” scootering. As i mentioned before, Snow Canyon has a bike trail that goes all the way through the canyon….. a bike trail that is perfect for razor scooters! On a night with a full moon, the snow canyon bike trail turns into the perfect luge track for scooters. Now this adventure works best while wearing good tennis shoes and a helmet, maybe some knee pads for first timers, and two vehicles (one to drive to the top and the other to leave at the bottom of the canyon so you don’t have to walk back up). The canyon is one big hill so you must start from the top. (Good brakes on your scooter always make this adventure a little less scary) Once you are at the top of the bike trail, start scootering! The full moon provides as much light as you need, just watch out for little rocks!

Class Assignment

Audio (and video) is different from print and photography in that it is ____Linear_____, not spatial.

– “Drive, Daddy, Drive”  is a good example of being linear becuase the story takes place one event or description at a time. This causes the listener to really focus on what the narrator is saying without any distractions.

When you are recording “_____Wild Sound______,” you are essentially getting the audio equivalent of candid

– Wild sound was present in this piece, and it made you feel like you were in the car with these people traveling.

Silence = ______Reflection____

– In this piece the interviewer gave the man she was interviewing time to reflect and did not interupt his thoughts. By doing this she allowed the man to really take the time to tell his story. I think that becuase the interviewer kept quiet, we were able to hear the best/most detailed version of this story.

__Ambient______ sound is valuable for setting a scene when it’s interesting, and it’s useful for editing purposes even when it’s not.

– In “Drive, Daddy, Drive” there is a few seconds of ambient sound. I thought that this music-like sound helped the listener connect to what this man was saying. It helped the listener feel like they were in the car with him driving along an old road in the deep south.

A good script is well-written for the _ear______, not the__eye_____.

-This piece was well written in the sence that the listener did not feel as though they were listening to a script. You felt like you were simply listening to an old man tell his story.

The best way to learn to write is to __read_____ and the best way to learn audio is to listen.

– I thought that listening to “Drive, Daddy, Drive” really helped me understand what a good podcast sounds like. I hope that i can make my podcast sound as smooth and heartfelt as this one did.

May the “Force” be With You

Adventure #1

St. George, simply put, is a golfing town. Often times golf courses are composed of many hills intertwined with sand traps and ponds. Now most people figure that the only thing you can do on a golf course is golf. WRONG! We have created a new sport for golf courses, we call it G-Forcing. Now G-Forcing is not a sport for your average Joe. People who G-force must have amazing strength and a stomach of steel. Now you’re probably asking yourself “what is G-forcing?” Let me explain. You must first find a large unused sewer tube about five feet in circumference and about six feet long. Roll the tube to the top of a decent sized hill at any local golf course or other location with a grassy hill and then hold the tube in place while 3-4 people get inside and brace themselves with their hands and feet. On the count of three (or which ever number you prefer) the people holding the G-Force tube then give the tube a big push and watch as the people roll down the hill. The G-forces will hold the riders in and provide a wild ride! G-forcing is an absolute thrill! But this is a sport that people love or hate. Lets face it, not everone is hardcore enough to G-Force!

And the Adventures begin….

A few days ago a comedian came to my town, St. George, Ut. He started his act by joking about how there is absolutely nothing to do in “Dixie”. Well I am here to prove him wrong! St. George is a happeining place, you just have to be creative enough to come up with crazy adventures! And thus the name Alli the Adventurer. I LOVE going on adventures here in St. George and I am going to give people a few ideas to keep them coming back for more!

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